THEATERÜBUNG Workshops für Erwachsene

THEATERÜBUNG – workshops für Erwachsene

Die Workshops sind eine Einführung in Theaterkreation und die Kunst des Schauspiels. Körpersprache – Gruppendynamik – Improvisation – Bewegungsanalyse. Einfache Pantomimenübungen – Beobachtung und Studium des menschlichen Verhaltens im Alltag – Parallelen zur Natur und Struktur der klassischen Musik, mit Beispielen von J.S.Bach’s Klaviermusik.


Der Stil der THEATERÜBUNG Workshops für Erwachsene wuchs aus verschiedensten Workshop Szenarien heraus. Einige Workshop Beispiele: mit Medizinstudenten and der Universität Zürich; mit Physiotherapeuten im Paraplegiker Zentrum Nottwil; Schauspiel Akademie Zürich (heute ZHdK); London School of Musical Theatre; EXPLORE: Professionelle Theater Workshops in Bradford-on-Avon;
HOW WE MOVE Projekt in Lachen und Bradford-on-Avon (Bewegunsstudienfilme mit über 80 Teilnehmer jeglichen Alters) etc

THEATERÜBUNG – workshops for adults

These workshops are an introduction into theatre creation and the art of acting – body language – group improvisation – simple mime movements – improvisation – observation of human behaviour in everyday situations – links to nature and structure of classical music, in particular piano music of J.S.Bach.

THEATERÜBUNG Workshops for adults grew out of very different workshop scenarios. Some Workshops examples: with medical students at University of Zürich; with physiotherapists (Paraplegiker Zentrum Nottwil); Schauspiel Akademie Zürich (today drama department of ZHdK); London School of Musical Theatre; EXPLORE: Intensive workshops in Bradford-on-Avon for theatre professionals; Outreach Projects in Lachen und Bradford-on-Avon (How We Move, movement study films) etc.

This was brilliant fun. A learning experience and a chance to experiment and play….Thanks so much for a great day!

Thanks for yesterday’s excellent ‘Explore’ workshop – it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and I feel I learned a lot and was able to experiment in a safe place.

This project is the result of many years working with younger and mature artists. It promises safety of the workshop experience which is attractive to all who wish to expand their skills but which demands freedom. I foresee that it will become for the region, as it has been for me, a valuable tool in arts education.

…I’ve never felt so looked after at a workshop before.